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Welcome to Heathlands

The 3rd of June saw ECMAT's 9th Academy opening with Heathlands Primary Academy joining the family. The day was full of outdoor activities, creative tasks, magic tricks and lots of fun.

The school became ‘Heathlands Primary Academy’ on the 3rd June. The children created posters to show why it is so wonderful to attend Heathlands. The best poster designer was be selected to cut the ribbon with Sir Geoff Hampton from theUniversity of Wolverhampton.



The day officially started at 9.15 when all of the children were on the playground, standing around the school tree which is their logo. Sir Geoff Hampton, Chief Executive of Education Central as well as the Right Honourable Liam Byrne to open our academy.



The day continued with the children having a wonderful day on bouncy castle, watching a superb magician as well as having a range of activities to do both within and outside the school building.