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eSafety week at Heathlands Primary Academy

Children at Heathlands Primary Academy have been learning about staying safe online this week. 

Starting off with an assembly on Monday morning, all children have had opportunities to explore how the internet is used to communicate, play games, complete homework and find out information. However, through discussion, the children have learned there are times and occasions when to it is important to take care. Focussing on important messages around gaming, chat rooms, messaging and inappropriate websites, the children all now know to discuss such matters with an adult, block nasty messages and never comment back.

Friday’s assembly was run by the children. Having a few minutes each, all classes talked about what had been learned and showed the rest of the school their work. Headteacher Mr Averis was really pleased: “The children this week have shown they know how to stay safe online and act if they see something wrong or worrying. In particular the posters and presentations seen, show how Heathlands children know the possible dangers of being online and how to act.”

Pictured here are Mariah Naveed, Alishba Hussain, Zainab Aslam and Ava Lockyer who all won a Computer Coding book for their excellent posters. Mariah, who wants to work in computing one day, reported “I really enjoyed making my video and I love my prize because there is a lot of information about how computers work.”