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LGB Members

Local Governing Board Decision Making

Effective governance is key to the successful development of individual Academies within the family of Education Central Multi Academy Trust.

The constitution structure of ECMAT places responsibility for the governance of each Academy firmly within the scope of the ECMAT board but this is effective only with the support and advice from each Local Advisory Board who comprise people attuned to the particular needs of the Academy and the local community it serves.

The scope of responsibilities of the ECMAT Board are summarised here whilst the following represent the normal scope of advisory responsibility that ECMAT requests from the Local Advisory Board.

Local Governing Board (LGB) responsibilities.  Click here for more information.

Additionally, each LGB has an appointed chair and a Board Clerk/Secretary. The Head Teacher is always a member of the LGB so matters of interest and concern should, wherever possible, be raised with those persons in the first instance and failing that can be referred to the MAT Chief Executive or Company Secretary.

Your active, informed and constructive contribution in all the above is always encouraged and to try and ensure that you have the right information to make a positive contribution, the MAT has a programme of briefings and training events aimed at helping you to be an effective LGB member and offers an advice and consultancy contact point to discuss any general or specific items of information or training need.