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Continuing Professional Development

Teaching is a learning profession and ECMAT are committed to supporting all staff in their learning regardless of role or experience. We place a strong emphasis and value on professional development and believe that personalised, relevant and sustained CPD is critical to improving the quality of learning experiences and outcomes for pupils.

We offer a number of opportunities for staff depending on their needs and interests. Working within the ECMAT family of academies allows good practice, ideas and enthusiasm to be shared, benefitting many staff and pupils.


Personal Professional Development Planning offers staff the opportunity to pursue an interest in a self-selected professional development activity that is separate from performance management.

Each member of staff completes a form using guidance questions to support their thinking; the forms are collated and grouped according to interest groups and any other connections that can be made to provide support within the ECMAT family.

Staff will be offered a variety of opportunities including:

PPDP form

Masters Accreditation:

As part of our comprehensive opportunities for professional development, ECMAT in conjunction with the University of Wolverhampton Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing offer a flexible and personalised, bespoke route to M-level qualifications (PGC, PGD and Masters) for staff who wish to develop professionally and gain accreditation.  Click here for more information